When it comes to woman’s lingerie , some women have a negative perception about G-strings. They believe that they are not comfortable to wear. However, most women who have experienced wearing petite g-strings will attest that the exact opposite applies.
It’s difficult to understand why there is a discrepancy between user experience and the perception that is held by some women that g-strings are uncomfortable.

G Strings are more comfortable woman’s lingerie

The simple fact is that most people (men and women) find that G-string more comfortable then other forms of underwear. G-strings s will make you feel as if you aren’t wearing any undergarments at all. Booty Bling offers you a range of glamorous adjustable g-strings that will fit your body perfectly. You can enjoy the luxurious feeling of wearing g-strings that make you feel comfortable and sexy. As an added bonus the G-strings feature a beautiful diamant√© clasp to put a bit of glamour¬† in your pants.

One of the features that women grow to love about G-strings is that they create a look and feel of being naked under your clothes . This is because there are not visible panty lines even on the tightest of slacks or dresses. For most women, once they have had the opportunity to wear g-strings they will choose G-strings as a far superior underwear choice to traditional panty options that are inclined to bunch up in the rear and create all sorts of embarrassing and unintended looks.

The two essential factors in choosing G-strings are choosing a proper fit and the fabric the item is made of.

Booty Bling’s unique expandable slider option ensures that your g-strings will fit perfectly while the soft breathable fabric will ensure that you feel comfortable, glamorous and sexy.

Choose from our range of women’s g-string underwear and experience the difference that glamorous comfortable lingerie brings

Booty Bling’s products are proudly made in Australia making them them the perfect choice for Australian ladies looking for comfortable sensual underwear.


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