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Women's Booty Bling G-Strings

Women's G-Strings

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Booty Bling produces a range of custom madeĀ G-strings for every gender, every body type and every occasion!

At Booty Bling we have a range of quality handmade underwear for every gender that is dressed to impress.

All our handcrafted underwear is made from soft breathable fabric, feature diamanté connectors and are equipped with unique adjustable sliders on each side, which ensures comfort and flexibility.

 G-strings are becoming the first choice underwear for a growing number of women and men throughout Australia. They offer comfort, style and sensuality while reducing visible panty lines (VPLs).

When you choose Booty Bling  you can be assured of :

Comfort and Flexibility: To ensure your comfort and flexibility we use a unique adjustable slider system so you can adjust to fit your shape. Rather than just small, medium and large, our G-strings work with any body that, like most of ours, fits somewhere in-between.

Glamour: The G-strings feature a beautiful diamanté connector which puts a bit of glamour back in your pants. G-strings that are a perfect fit will leave you feeling sophisticated and sexy. Knowing that you look and feel glamorous everyday is an added bonus.

Confidence: Ever had the experience of getting a date home only to have them reveal underwear that is more a turn off than a turn on? Or been about to go out and realised your underwear is a bit blah? We feel your pain and we’re here to help.

Booty Bling underwear make  the perfect gift, whether it be for a Wedding Party, Friends, Partners, Lovers, Husbands, Wives, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Auntie’s, Uncles, that someone special in your life or just to treat yourself – because you ARE special.

All Booty Bling products are proudly Designed, Produced and Manufactured in AUSTRALIA.


These are the most comfortable G-strings I have ever purchased. Completely invisible under clothing with a variety of colours.
It's a must !!!!


I received as a gift my BootyBling G-string. Not a wearer of G-strings I was more than sceptical and very amused. However on wearing my G-string I was totally amazed - it is gorgeous and so comfortable and there were no visible panty lines, wearing them makes me feel very sensual and confident as a woman.


Five star customer service and  super comfortable G-strings.