The perfect booty it seems has changed shape . The petite small bottom has been replaced in desirability by a muscular toned sizeable booty.  Ideally this perfect booty should be complemented by a small waist.  The fashion trend sees women of all ages doing squat exercises as they seek the perfect booty shape.

This new focus has been driven in part by the Instagram phenomenon.  It also has been  fuelled by fitness divas like Australian Tammy Hembrow . The perfect booty craze has seen a flood of booty workout apps hit the market.  Apps such as 30 Day Butt challenge, Runtastic Trainer and  Daily Butt Workout have all become hugely popular as women seek to get their booty in to shape.

There’s no point in doing all that work and then hiding it in a potato sack.

That would be crazy.

Some women have taken a leaf from the Kardashian’s book to showing off their bodies on places such as Instagram, while others just want to wear clothes that accentuate and enhance their bodies .  G-strings are a great lingerie option in both cases.

Whether you want to post pictures of your body on Instagram or whether you just want your new body to be appreciated without intruding visible panty lines, Booty Bling g-strings are the perfect frame for you to confidently show the world your awesome booty.
Booty Bling G-strings are made in Australia.  They feature a unique slider system that allows the g-string to expand to fit any body shape.  To accentuate the glamour and style Booty Bling G-strings feature a beautiful diamante clasp.  Our G-strings are crafted to make you feel comfortable, glamorous and sexy.  They make the ideal underwear choice in all circumstances.
Show off your perfect booty with  Booty Bling underwear – the Australian made underwear that puts a touch of glamour in your pants.

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