How to remove visible panty lines

Visible panty lines (VPLS) can be an embarrassing unsightly outfit spoiler. It does not matter how much money you’ve spent on an outfit or how fashionable it is.  An unsightly visible panty line can ruin your look.

Fortunately there is a solution to your VPL problems.

remove visible panty linesBooty Bling G-strings will give you the confidence of knowing that there will be no visible panty lines showing.  They’re comfortable as well. Booty Bling G-strings have a custom slider that allows you to adjust the Booty Bling G-strings to suit your body shape so that they will fit you perfectly.

Booty Bling G-strings are designed to give you a touch of glamour in your pants while removing those VPLs from your clothing. They are available for both men and women and are suitable for disguising those embarrassing visible panty lines.
Added benefits that Booty Bling underwear offer you include

  • Comfort – Booty Bling garments are manufactured from soft breathable fabric to allow you to experience a degree of comfort that normal underwear does not allow. Flexible alloy sliders allow you to adjust Booty Bling underwear to fit your body perfectly.
  • Glamour – each Booty Bling G-string features a classy diamante clasp that adds that touch of glamour to your underwear.
  • All garments are hand crafted in Australia.

If you are concerned about visible panty lines Booty Bling offers you a unique solution.

Each pair comes packaged in a handy tin making them a perfect gift idea for for friends, partners, lovers, wives, boyfriends or girlfriends. Booty Bling G-strings are classy, sexy, sensual and comfortable. They are the best way to fix visible panty lines and will add that touch of glamour and sensuality to your everyday life.

Browse the Booty-Bling store to find a G-string that suits you.


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