When most people think of g-strings they relate them to feminine undergarments. Yet more and more men are turning to  men’s g-strings as their first choice in underwear. So why the change?

There are a variety of reasons that men wear G-strings.

Reasons Men wear men’s g-strings

  • Comfort
    You may have heard guys who regularly wear G-strings claim that they are the most comfortable piece of clothing that they have ever worn. This is quite right . This is due in part to the small structure and exposed rear. These features make –strings the most comfortable men’s apparel style. Another comfort benefit is the soft feel of the fabric which is less harsh than other underwear options.
  • Ventilation as there isn’t much fabric to begin with, the airflow around your privates is likely to keep them cool and reduce sweat around your lower areas. G-strings are an excellent choice in the summer months for this very reason.
  • Confidence Cruddy underwear erodes confidence. A comfortable supportive g-string can help guys feel more confident about themselves. This confidence can reflect in a better projection of self image and attitude.
  • Sex appeal. There is no doubt that g-strings have a sexy image. Wearing the doesn’t make you sexier all of a sudden. However, the confidence that they generate combined with the comfort they give will help you to feel more confident about your own body image.
  • Motivation some men say that they take to wearing G-strings to motivate themselves to get fit and trim off some excess weight. If you’re going to wear a men’s G-string you want to be able to wear it with confidence in your whole body.
  • Sports. Some sports lend themselves to wearing G-strings .  Many activities like body building actually require the wearing of them at certain events.

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