Our premium range of men’s and women’s g-strings encourages you to display your body. So we thought it would be a good idea to give you some beautiful skin tips for some added confidence.

Having glowing  beautiful skin is not that difficult.  Sometimes, people think that obtaining a beautiful skin condition will take a lot of time and effort. Though this can be true, it doesn’t mean that you will find it hard to achieve better skin.
That said, improving your skin condition will  take some perseverance and commitment. This short article will give you some valuable beautiful skin tips and set you on the right path.

Beautiful Skin Tips To Have Your Skin Glowing


 Wash Your Face at Night and in the Morning

It sounds obvious but give your face a little love . When you do wash your face properly, make sure that you use a product suitable  for your skin type. Use a wash for oily skin if you have visible pores all over your face.  On the other hand,, if you have  few visible pores, you likely need a wash for dry skin.

Exfoliate Your Skin

This should be done at least once per week.. Using an exfoliating product  on your body will help a lot.  With regards to your face  rub the exfoliating product on it  for the same length of time that you would normally take to wash it.  be sure to rinse the exfoliate off with water

Moisturize Your Skin After Washing

even if you have greasy skin you should so this.  Just be sure to o check  to see if the moisturizer is suitable for your skin type

Drink More Water

Water is essential if you want to make your skin stunning and glowing. It helps  to flush out your whole system and to keep your skin clear.  It pays  to keep  away from any sugary juice or soft drinks as  sugar could potentially cause   acne to intensify.

Eat Plenty of Vegetables, Leafy Greens and Fruits

As the biggest organ in your body, your skin  reacts to the food you consume.  Healthy eating is one of the key factors in achieving beautiful skin. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acid such as salmon and almonds are perfect agents to improve your skin.


You don’t have to become a fitness junkie, but regular exercise will assist blood flow to the skin.  This will help skin cells to stay healthy. Try to  exercise for about half an hour between three and five times a week. Regular exercise is known to help reduce stress.  This may lead to fewer  skin breakouts.

Other Beautiful Skin Tips

Apart  from the above mentioned, there are lots of actions that you can to have beautiful skin and these include the following:

  • Get restful and sound sleep
  • Consider taking high quality supplements like minerals, vitamins and Omega 3 essential fatty acids
  • Know your skin type
  • Try to maintain stress levels to minimum levels
  • Avoid excess exposure to temperature extremes
  • Lower your intake of caffeine and alcohol
  • Get into the habit of establishing a daily skin care regime

Vitamins For Beautiful Skin

Diet plays a critical role in maintaining healthy skin and getting the right vitamins into your diet is essential.  Here are the skin vitamins that are said to be the best for your skin:

  • Vitamin A –  Strengthens your skin and helps to keep wrinkles to a minimum. This type of vitamin can be found in liver, milk, egg yolk, spinach, vegetables and orange-colored fruits.
  • Vitamin B – Great for healthy skin tones. This type of vitamin is found in  tuna, chicken, potatoes, black beans, asparagus and watermelons.
  • Vitamin C – Helps to produce collagen, a vital  skin protein. It comes from strawberries, citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes and cabbage.



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