With the rise in popularity of activewear, an increasing number of women are turning to the g-string.  The g-string helps  hide those ugly and embarrassing visible panty lines.

The fitness trend gives rise to activewear.

It seems that the whole world is on a fitness kick. With many people wanting to be at least seen to be wearing activewear and gym wear …and why not? Much of this clothing looks cool, sporty and speaks volumes about your fitness attitudes.

People want to at least look like they are doing something about their fitness.  It makes them feel good an appear to be active and on a fitness kick.

This trend has morphed into a whole new clothing line called athleisure wear – clothing that is worn to appear active while looking good. Many people now want to look active but in reality are quite lazy, but looking active has a certain status.

But activewear does present a problem for women whether they work out or not and that is that activewear makes panty lines very visible. It’s kind of deflating to know that the cool super fit activewear that you’re wearing is being spoiled by a visible panty line.

Thank God for the g-string!


G-strings remove active wear  visible panty line.

One of the great advantages of wearing g-strings is that they hide visible panty lines in clothing like activewear. Booty Bling has a range of women’s g-strings that feel good and  hide visible panty lines.  They also add a touch of glamour in your pants.

Our range of women’s expandable g-strings give you the freedom to wear comfortable well fitting underwear that will hide visible panty lines.
Activewear and athleisure wear look like that they are here to stay for the foreseeable future.  You will be much more comfortable and confident wearing this type of clothing because you will know that your underwear will ensure that you have no visible panty lines.

Check out our women’s g-string range today.


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